Visit Ajaccio, its Gulf and its boat tours

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The largest gulf of Corsica awaits you


Located on the west coast of the island, it is geographically included between the tip of Capo di Muro to the south, that of Parata to the north and the valley of the Prunelli and Gravona to the east.


What makes the Gulf of Ajaccio, the largest in Corsica with more than 1000 meters deep, beaches stretched over miles of golden sand, a town with bourgeois charm, a renowned seaside resort, a hinterland rich in traditions and cultures.

And many cultural and sporting events throughout the year!


The Gulf of Ajaccio is bordered to the north by the famous Sanguinaires islands. With its multitude of beaches, pretty hikes and breathtaking panoramas, there is nothing to envy of the other regions of the island of beauty.

Very touristy in summer, the Gulf of Ajaccio is home to superb secret beaches ... where calm and serenity reign!


The dreamer archipelago, Sanguinaire Islands : 

The discovery of a site as large as that of the archipelago of Sanguinaires islands touches all the senses with its wild beauty intact since Antiquity. A beauty which gives it an atmosphere so special, full of history, legend, green scrub, majestic reliefs and tinged with poetry.


The archipelago of Sanguinaires islands is above all an exceptional natural place between land and sea, classified and protected by Natura 2000 and Grand Site de France. We meet on these islands, a very varied fauna and flora. We can find more than 150 different kinds of plants on the main island of Mezzu Mare.


The archipelago of Sanguinaires islands is also useful for the refuge of several species of birds such as the cormorant, the peregrine falcon, the Sardinian warbler and the gull.

During your visit, take the time to take an interest in this green maquis which shelters living beings that you will not find anywhere else!

The vegetation of the Sanguinaires islands is very dense, abandon yourself to the scents of olive trees, myrtles and heather, so typical of Corsica.

Nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the sanguinary islands proudly dominate the Mediterranean Sea.

Made of diorite, a dark rock and granite (lighter rock), they express all their beauty through this astonishing contrast. The wind and the sea spray shape the vegetation of the Sanguinaires islands where each element, each species is arranged in this magnificent natural landscape.

This place, still called the Sanguinaires Islands, takes its name from countless myths.


This legendary name, which inspired many poets, could then be due to the color of the sunset on the orange granite cliffs, or to a distortion of the name "Sagone" designating a gulf in North of the islands. This last eventuality seems the most probable, because several maps of the XVIIth century, name them "sagonare insulae" literally translated by "the islands which indicates the gulf of Sagone.

Leave, for a day, in the footsteps of a mythical past and savor the imperial beauty of the Gulf of Ajaccio and its Sanguinaires islands.