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Between land and sea
Our team

On board The Grand Bleu II, let's Dominique, the Corsican in love with his island, guide you and show you wonders. Experienced pilot, he will make you discover the nooks and crannies of fantastic sites only accessible by the sea.


On board Le Grand Bleu III, you will embark with Yoann for a fantastic boat trip which will take you as close as possible to the preserved sites.


During this excursions, you will stroll along the wonderful Calanche of Capo Rosso and cross the Gulf of Porto in order to discover amazing faults in the Reserve of Scandola (World Heritage listed).

A halt is planned in Girolata, a small fishermen village, where you can enjoy shady restaurant terraces or walk on the beach, swim ... Return by Calanche of Piana.


For the little story :

Dominique took his first steps in tourism in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather, who, from their village of Cargèse, crisscrossed the winding roads of Corsica in order to make discover the wonders of summer visitors.


But it was towards the sea that his gaze had turned since childhood and in 1989, he decided to start the maritime adventure with a first boat, which could accommodate 7 persons, Le Grand Bleu.

There, he began to show to his amazed passengers the caves of the creeks of Piana, the rocky faults of the Scandola Reserve, the inaccessible village of Girolata and all the natural treasures he had discovered from his younger age.


Thirty years later, he continues to navigate inside the very heart of the fantastic sites of the Gulf of Porto. With the same enthusiasm, he continues to tell the story of this beautiful places. This long experience make him a reference in terms of navigation in the waters of the region. This is surely why he succeeds in sliding his boat through the narrowest passages, from the small caves of the Capo Rosso to the faults of the Scandola Nature Reserve.


In order to offer you the best service, Dominique got the best team.


In 2012, Yoann joined the team and began as sailor on Le Grand Bleu II. Since 2017, he’s in command of our semi-rigid, Le Grand Bleu III (12 passengers on board max). You will find the same spirit of conviviality and the same willingness to share than aboard Le Grand Bleu II.


Aboard Le Grand Bleu II, Dominique is assisted by Tanguy who always will be available to respond to your requests and ensure your comfort. He will be able to answer your questions about the sites and their history, about the rules in the Reserve of Scandola or the particularities of the weird rocks of the creeks of Piana, and more generally about all the places you will discover.

And to get it all right, a solid team on land is necessary too.

Since 1999, Dominique can rely on his wife and collaborator, Adeline, allowing him to seal with peace of mind.

In the ticket offices of the port and Marbeuf Street, by phone or by email, Valentina, Joseph and Florentine inform you  with great pleasure.

Every member of our team speaks english.


The next generation, Joseph and Baptiste, is never far from the port. They regularly give a hand on land and who knows… maybe one day, they will be in command of a boat too when they are old enough.


Skipper and founder
Reception - photo Grand Bleu III 2017
Skipper Grand Bleu III
Joseph - Eldest son of Dominique
Eldest son of Dominique
Sailor on Le Grand Bleu II - 2020
Reception 2019
Dominique and Joseph - Father and son
Father and son
Dominique and Joseph
The Crew onboard Le Grand Bleu II
Baptiste - youngest son of Dominique
youngest son of Dominique
Reception - Photo 2019
Yoann & Baptiste
Yoann & Baptiste
Le Grand Bleu III - Photo 2018