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Aboard the Grand Bleu II, take a tour with Dominique, a Cargésian who loves his island. Experienced pilot, he will make you discover the smallest corners of fantastic sites accessible only by sea.


On board the Grand Bleu III, Yoann will take you on a magical trip to the closest preserved sites.


During these excursions, you will stroll along the wonderful Calanche de Piana and Capo Rosso and cross the Gulf of Porto for a surprising visit of the Scandola Reserve ( classified site by Unesco). A stop is planned in the small fishing village of Girolata where you can enjoy the shady terraces of the restaurants or walk on the beach, have a swim...


For the record:

Dominique took her first steps in tourism following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, who, from their village of Cargèse, used to travel the winding roads of Corsica in order to show its treasures to the summer visitors.

However, his eyes had been drawn to the sea since childhood and, in 1989, he decided to embark on a maritime adventure with his first boat, with only 7 seats: Le Grand Bleu. There, he began to show his amazed passengers the creeks of the Piana creeks, the rocky cracks of the Scandola Reserve, the inaccessible village of Girolata and all the natural treasures he had discovered since his youth.


Thirty years later, he continues to navigate in the heart of the fantastic sites of his native region and to tell the story with the same enthusiasm. This long experience has made him a well-known navigator in the region's waters.

Over the years, he has also seen the local maritime world change. While he was one of the few who sailed the Gulf of Porto in the early days, he has seen the world of yachting and professional sailing grow and the number of boats increase considerably over time. The clear awareness of the environmental treasure represented by the Scandola Reserve and more globally by the entire island of Corsica, led him to join forces with other boatmen sharing the same values and to found the Association des Bateliers de Scandola. This is how the Charter of Good Conduct was born, with the aim of protecting this priceless treasure while allowing everyone to discover it in a respectful manner. In the same vein, he has signed the Natura 2000 Charter (more information on the page Our commitments).


Always supported by his wife, Adeline, on land, he now sees his children getting more and more involved in his little family company, proof that the passion for the sea and sharing is passed on from father to son.

On board the Grand Bleu II, Dominique is now assisted by his eldest son, Joseph, who is learning the trade as a deckhand. He will always be available to answer your requests and ensure your comfort. He will be able to answer your questions about the tour and the particularities of the Scandola Reserve, Capo Rosso, the Piana creeks, Girolata and all the places you will discover, because he knows them like the back of his hand! Since he was a child, he used to jump on board whenever the opportunity arose to follow his father at sea.


Yoann, a member of the team for 10 years now, started as Dominique's second in command and today he is at the helm of the Grand Bleu III, our 12-seater RIB only (more info on the dedicated page: Le Grand Bleu III). You will find the same spirit of conviviality and the same taste for sharing as on board the Grand Bleu II. Sensitive to the protection of the fauna and flora, he handles his boat gently and his selected comments allow you to discover the Scandola Reserve and its surroundings.


And for all this to run smoothly, a solid team is also needed on land, formed this year by Adeline, Mélissa, our young newcomer, and Baptiste, the youngest son of the family, who, like his brother, begins by welcoming people at the ticket office before following in the footsteps of his elders at sea.


In the ticket offices in the port and on rue Marbeuf, by telephone or by e-mail, we will be happy to give you information. We will take the time to listen to you and advise you on the choice of boat and tour that will suit you best.

All members of our team speak English.

Skipper and founder
Reception - photo Grand Bleu III 2017
Skipper Grand Bleu III
Joseph - Eldest son of Dominique
Eldest son of Dominique
Sailor on Le Grand Bleu II - 2020
Reception 2019
Dominique and Joseph - Father and son
Father and son
Dominique and Joseph
The Crew onboard Le Grand Bleu II
Baptiste - youngest son of Dominique
youngest son of Dominique
Reception - Photo 2019
Yoann & Baptiste
Yoann & Baptiste
Le Grand Bleu III - Photo 2018
Baptiste, Dominique, Joseph
Baptiste, Dominique, Joseph
Father and sons, ready to board - 2021 september