The Piana's creeks

The Piana's creeks by boat

Creeks of Piana, a wonderful rocky relief to be discovered by boat halfway between Ajaccio and Calvi

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Piana Corsica

A breathtaking legendary landscape

In the Gulf of Porto, Natura has not worked badly. Indeed, The Creeks of Piana in Corsica are one of the most amazing places in the island.


The famous creeks of Piana in Corsica are listed at Unesco world heritage since 1983, they are the landscape reflecting the beauty of the island.

 That is something will awake all your senses…  discovering the creeks of Piana by boat.

The dazzling blue of the sea, the light bathing the coast and immense orange-colored cliffs ...

The surprising beauty of the landscapes and particularly of the Creeks of Piana make    a boat tour here extremely exciting.

During this tour, you will explore one of the last Mediterranean sites that are home to endemic species and large ornithological fauna, such as the peregrine falcon and the osprey.

During the navigation, the creeks of Piana from the boat will appear to you in their best light.

It will be difficult for you not to marvel at this wonderful rocks.

In the translucent water, beautifully colored shells and sea urchins can be seen.

 Visit Piana by boat is unavoidable for lovers of beautiful panoramas.

Truly lost paradise, it is a real pleasure for the eyes.

Take the opportunity to explore the seabed and discover the natural treasures that hide the creeks of Piana in Corsica.


For a total discovery of the site, it is also important to visit it from the land by the famous Piana road. 

As described by Guy De Maupassant in 1880 in his travel diary The Monastery of Corbara: «At nightfall, I crossed the creeks of Piana. Stunned, I stopped in front of these astonishing rocks of pink granite, four hundred meters high, strange, tortured, curved, eaten by time, bloodied under the last fires of the sun and taking forms such as characters from fairy tales , petrified by supernatural powers ... the Calanques of Piana are one of the marvels of Corsica; probably, I think, one of the wonders of the world.»


 Visiting the creeks of Piana will allow you to admire rocks artistically worked by the wind and the spray like the Fortified Castle, the Head of the Dog, the Bishop and the Lovers of the Calanques, the most famous of all. It was these petrified lovers who helped make the site one of the most romantic places in Corsica.

Piana in Corsica, certainly the most mystical region of the island.



The legend tells the creation of these mysterious rocks.

According to her, Satan would have fallen in love with a pretty peasant who lived in the region with her husband. When he appeared to conquer her, she brutally pushed him away. To punish her, he transformed the peaceful and green environment in which the happy couple lived into a hellish and arid landscape. This is how these red volcanic cliffs were born.

Legend says that they were then blessed by Saint Martin at his arrival at Piana in Corsica.

He decided after that to create a blue turquoise sea, the Gulf of Porto, to soften the landscape and make forget the evil grudge.