Visit to Scandola and Capo Rosso - The essentials in a 12-seater rigid inflatable boat

On the programme:

- Depart from the port of Cargèse

- Omigna Tower

- Capo Rosso, visit the caves and coves

- Scandola Reserve, visit the faults


Boarding 18.15 - return 20.45*

*Schedules subject to change depending on the season and the weather. Always refer to the time indicated on the ticket.


Price : 75 €


Please note: This boat is not recommended for pregnant women, very young children, people with health problems incompatible with semi-rigid navigation. Please contact us before booking or choose our passenger boat.

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Description pour : Scandola Capo Rosso/l'Essentiel semi rigide

Visit the essentials on your boat tour of Scandola and Capo Rosso

Set sail aboard our 12-seater rigid inflatable boat for an energy-filled experience in Corsica. Departing from the port of Cargèse, you’ll sail past the region’s natural wonders, including the Tour d’Omigna, a 16th-century Genoese tower, the caves and coves of Capo Rosso, as well as the famous Scandola Nature Reserve and its endemic fauna. You’ll love the remarkable landscapes of the still intact west coast and discover the spectacular faults of the Scandola Reserve. (The return time may vary depending on the season and weather - please check your ticket for the exact time.)

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