Reserve of Scandola by boat

Halfway between Ajaccio and Galeria come and discover the Reserve of Scandola and its sleeping volcano by boat


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Nature in the most beautiful way

Reserve of Scandola

Founded in 1975, the Reserve of SCANDOLA consists of 919 hectares of land and 750ha at sea.

It was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1983.


The site was classified as World Heritage for its great landscape interest and its degree of naturality, for its flora and fauna interest and especially because of its contribution to the protection of species endemic to Corsica. It was the first site in France dedicated to preserving the both terrestrial and marine natural heritage.


Chose to explore Scandola by boat is the way to discover the wild side of Corsica.

You can discover the secrets of its faults and take the time to admire the beauty of its submarine life.


The part of Integral Réserve of Scandola is a reference in the Mediterranean, internationally recognized by the scientific community.


It is considered as a place of prime importance in regards to marine biodiversity (extinct species from a long time in the Mediterranean still live here, and even more exceptional, we continue to discover new species).


Corsica is a mountain in the sea…  exploring The Reserve of Scandola by boat reveals it perfectly.

Halfway between Ajaccio and Calvi and near Cargese, The Reserve of Scandola will  dazzle you by its palette of unforgettable colors: the orange of its cliffs, the translucent blue of the sea, the green of the vegetation, the blazing red of its sunsets…



Scandola is the tip of a large volcanic complex (700 km2).

The peninsula is composed of rocky structures in  'Caldera' which correspond to an old volcano collapsed in the sea. There are many rock formations from this volcanism : lahars, rhyolitic orgues, pyroclastics and red granite cliffs.


A severe regulation  has been set in order to prohibits visitors to spend the night in the Reserve (whether at sea or on land), to picnic, to make fire, pick up or drop anything ans, of course, hunting and fishing.

Globally, people have to leave a minimum trace of their presence. The sum of these prohibitions allows optimum preservation of the site and today the state of conservation of this site which is over 40 years is unique.

The reserve of Scandola is breathtaking.

Its environment is so protected that animal species that do not live anywhere else can be found here.

During your boat tour to Scandola, you will be captivated by its unique colors which change according to the hours of the day.

The crystal clear waters of the Scandola reserve are remarkable. It is very pleasant to stroll there without forgetting to respect this ecosystem unique in the world!