The Capo Rosso

This Cape, a few kilometers from Piana, rises to the west of Corsica and is topped by the genovese tower of Turhgiu.

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The Capo Rosso, between the Gulfs of Porto and Cargèse

The gates of Paradise

This cape is the beginning of the Gulf of Porto. It starts with a place made of red granitic rock, known as the Creek of Piana.

Here is one of the most impressive places in the region: The Monk seal Bay

We can see here the Arch of Capo Rosso  and several little caves. In this caves, used to live a colony of seals.

Today, we cannot meet them anymore, the last one has been killed at the end of the sixties.


Capo Rosso marks the limit of the Gulf of Porto to the south and the beginning of the Piana creeks.


The Corsican Genoese Tower at Turghiu rising to more than 300 meters above sea level, is one of the highest on the Corsican coast.


The Capo Rosso region is known for its majestic sea caves. The most famous is located perpendicular to the tower, 300m below and is called "the cave with double entry", the more adventurous one will marvel at the splendor of its entrails.


Strolling along the cliffs of Capo Rosso will allow you to discover magnificent rock walls plunging into crystal clear water. At the base of these cliffs, you can admire surprising sidewalks of multi-hundred-year-old limestone algae.


The seabed is home to many species such as castagnoles, oblades, sars which can be seen in shallow waters. Below, evolve moray eels, barracudas, lobsters, sea cicadas, scorpion fish, and dentis which are part of the underwater fauna of Capo Rosso.


Located above Arone Beach, Capo Rosso is accessible by an easy and spectacular hike offering a unique view of the Gulf of Porto, the Gulf of Carghese, the Scandola reserve and the Monte Cintu in the background.