A hamlet accessible by boat

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Wild and touristy at the same time

Girolata, a small hamlet in the district of Osani, is accessible by boat and overlooks the gulf of the same name.


Nestled in the gulf, the hamlet of Girolata is part of the district of Osani. It is located in the heart of the famous Scandola Reserve, classified by Unesco and totally protected. The hamlet of Girolata is only accessible by sea or by foot, by a path starting from the Col de la Croix on the D81 road or by taking further south the trail GR Tra Mare e Monti. The few houses of the hamlet of Girolata are mainly situated  on the small eponymous peninsula witch protects the Focaghia beach from the open sea. The beauty of the site makes it a top tourist attraction. To welcome tourists, there is a lodge and several restaurants located along the Focaghia beach.

On this beach, in summer, many people... mainly vacationers, but also more surprising encounters ... like cows!

Going to the village of Girolata is like traveling back in time, meeting these animals that remind us of the era of transhumance.



If the whole Corsican coast is dotted with Genoese towers, Girolata, particularly isolated, required a defensive set. So a real fort has been erected on the heights of the village, in the mid-sixteenth century by the Genoese to fight against the invasions of the Barbarians. The construction of the Girolata fort was made in three stages: 1552, 1604 and 1611. The great Ottoman pirate Dragut was also a prisoner on the site of this fortress in 1540 following his numerous lootings on the island.

The shepherds of the region then settled around this fort. Their installation has given life to the village of Girolata which can be visited today.

Arriving at Girolata by boat, it will be very pleasant to contemplate the landscape from the sea with the village of Girolata stretching high and at the end of the peninsula, the Genoese Tower.


An amazing Postman

Guy Ceccaldi, nick-named 'Marathon Man',  was a really amazing postman…

He became an emblematic figure of the postal administration in Corsica, an internationally-known character because of being subject of many films, reports and interviews.


To bring good and bad news to Girolata, this hamlet lost in the middle of the scrub and accessible only by sea, Guy had to walk no less than fifteen kilometers into the mountain.

For that, he came on a motorbike to the Pass of the Cross, starting point of the trail, from the Post office of Partinello on which he depended.


The only postman in France to cover as much distance on foot to accomplish his task, he performed this fitness trail in forty minutes (counting half past one hour minimum for the average person!). He knew every stone, every shrub (of course it was his daily journey) and during ten years no one tried to take his place.


'When I have to deliver parcels, I try to take advantage of the boat. Otherwise, I leave with TchouTchou (the  difficult missions donkey) ' said Guy.

Irretrievable looking-like Santa Claus 'kid' , Guy Ceccaldi knew that one day he would  finally put away his ten pairs of worn rangers scattered on the floor of his garage ... 

He finally retired in October 2006.


On the 24th February, 2017, Guy is gone, leaving Girolata and all of us so sad.