Between Ajaccio and Calvi, enjoy sightseeing boat tours in the Nature Reserve of Scandola.
Our Boat tours

Dominique founded his small company in 1989 for sharing the secret of the amazing sites he has been navigating since he was a kid. Thirty years later, he continues to navigate inside the very heart of the fantastic sites of the Gulf of Porto. With the same enthusiasm, he keeps on telling the story of this beautiful places. Because his long experience he can take you on  boat tours on the creeks of Piana or boat trips near Calvi. This is surely why he succeeds in sliding his boat through the narrowest passages, from the small caves of the Capo Rosso to the faults of the Scandola Nature Reserve. Explore the Calanques of Piana by boat, from where you can admire the coastline of the island, its reefs and majestic cliffs ... an unforgettable experience! Do you dream of a wild and exotic excursion? Our boats can take you to Girolata, a picturesque fishing village. The gulf of Girolata is part of the very closed club of the most beautiful bays in the world. With Les Croisières Grand Bleu, explore the coasts of the Great South with sea trips near Ajaccio. A real natural gift of Nature, you will be captivated by the beauty of this site.