Croisières Grand Bleu : Promenade en mer Cargèse - L'aigle-pêcheur

  •  Croisières Grand Bleu Promenade en mer
  •  Croisières Grand Bleu Promenade en mer
A last refuge in Corsica

Disappeared from France during the nineteenth century, the osprey  had found a last refuge in Corsica, where there were only 3 couples in 1974.
Today, there are  nearly thirty couples on the entire west coast including a dozen around the Reserve of Scandola.
Declared a protected species, this population is the result of special care given to these birds by the guardians of the Reserve of Scandola for several years.
Now, they are too many for this site and the population will not increase more because the density is at its maximum.
So, Some young bird have been moved in the Park of Maremma, in Tuscany, in order to try to revive the species there too.

The Fish Eagle builds its nest on inaccessible rocky outcrops of volcanic cliffs. They were seen during the visit of the Reserve of Scandola.
The nest is a bulky heap of boughs with bark, grass and other plants, located on a rocky ledge.

The best time to see the osprey is the spring because the young are still in the nest and parents frequently fly around their nests to feed them.
Their hunting space stretch all along the West Coast. We can see them as far as the Calanche de Piana, Capo Rosso, Gulf of Porto.

Peregrine falcons are also fond of high places such as rocky outcrops, which abound on this stretch of coastline, to build their nest.


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